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EnCoRe - Activities

Objective 1

Physical and mechanical behaviour of concrete with recycled aggregates

The present Research Project aims to enhance the knowledge of the behaviour of these types of concrete by investigating their physical-chemical and mechanical performance. The behaviour of concrete with aggregates from recycled wastes should be investigated at both fresh and hardened state. As a matter of fact, because the peculiar nature of aggregates, to their surface texture, absorption capacity and granular packing arrangements, also conventional mix-design approaches, aimed to the achievement of a target fresh- or hardened-state performance, should be carefully revised and adapted. Moreover, the durability-related issues possibly deriving by the physical and chemical nature of the above mentioned aggregates will be investigated. Finally, both cost-effectiveness of the recycling processes and another relevant life-cycle-related issued will be investigated.

The main goals of the activities planned within the Objective 1 of the present research can be shortlisted below:
- investigating the performance of concretes made out of RCA employed as fine-to-coarse aggregate;
- assessing the feasibility and quantifying the relevant physical and mechanical properties of concretes with aggregates obtained by recycling demolition rubbles;
- comparing the above results with those corresponding to standard concretes;
- comparing the above results with the one obtained on concretes with recycled glass or bricks employed as aggregates;
- assessing the effect of FA used either as fine aggregate or for (partially) replacing of cement.

Both experimental and theoretical activities will be carried out for achieving the goals listed above.