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EnCoRe: Environmentally-friendly solutions for Concrete with Recycled and natural components

Sustainable concrete - the remix

Guidelines for making concrete from recycled ingredients could help the construction industry reduce its environmental impact. An EU-funded project developed the guidelines based on tests of recycled concrete, recycled steel from old tires and natural fibres from sisal.

An article about the EnCoRe published on the web-site of the European Commission.

The EnCoRe Project on EuroNews

an episode of the FUTURIS series dedicated to some of the activities of the EnCoRe Project

Green concrete under construction

an alternative link to the Euronews broadcast, published on the EU web-site

Presentation of the EnCore Project

on the technical journal "Ingenio"

Success Stories of the EU-funded Research and Innovation Initiatives

an article about motivation and objectives of the EnCoRe Project.

Preliminary Report of the experimental activities at the University of Salerno

on the technical journal "Ingenio"

Multiscale failure analysis of fiber reinforced concrete based on a discrete crack model

an international journal paper by Guillermo Etse, Antonio Caggiano and Sonia Vrech

A unified formulation for simulating the bond behaviour of fibres in cementitious materials

an international journal paper by Antonio Caggiano & Enzo Martinelli

A numerical recipe for modelling hydration and heat flow in hardening concrete

an international journal paper by Enzo Martinelli, Eduardus A.B. Koenders and Antonio Caggiano

Physical properties and mechanical behaviour of concrete made with recycled aggregates and fly ash

an international journal paper by Carmine Lima, Antonio Caggiano, Ciro Faella, Enzo Martinelli, Marco Pepe and Roberto Realfonzo

Designing concrete with recycled ecological aggregates

an international conference paper by Marco Pepe, Romildo Diaz Toledo Filho, Enzo Martinelli and Eduardus A.B. Koenders

Rio 2016 sustainable construction commitments lead to new developments in recycled aggregate concrete

an international journal paper by Romildo Dias Toledo Filho, Eduardus A.B. Koenders, Marco Pepe, Guilherme Chagas Cordeiro, Eduardo Fairbairn, Enzo Martinelli

Recycled Aggregate Concrete: formulation of a constitutive model

a presentation by Paula Folino, Hernán Xargay, Víctor Vega of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Compressive strength and hydration processes of concrete with recycled aggregates

an international journal paper by Eduardus A.B. Koenders, Marco Pepe and Enzo Martinelli

Structural concrete made with recycled aggregates: Hydration process and compressive strength models

an international journal paper by Marco Pepe, Eduardus A.B. Koenders, Ciro Faella and Enzo Martinelli

Multidisciplinary seminar about concrete with recycled constituents

download the presentation.